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Type  Retail
Size 50sqm
Location EIlat
Completed 2023

Photos Dor Kedmi

The story behind the design concept focuses on the moment of the meeting between the foot on the ground/sand, and what that meeting produces immediately after- the imprint of the foot or the sole of the shoe and the pleasant and powerful feeling of stepping on the ground.

We wrapped the store in material that gives a natural look and an organic feel with form following form. 

The store was designed in a modular and functional way with a removable modular frame that can be changed and replaced with details designed and manufactured especially for the store.

The challenges we faced in this project were around the physical distance from what was happening and how to manage by remote control (We flew twice to the inspect and follow progress), and in addition, the short schedule we faced for planning and execution in only a month and a half.

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