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This project reuses a old water tower located in the historic Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa. Ajami has an extremely mixed population living there: Arabs and Jews, rich and poor. The project is about creating a meeting place for all the residents around the water tower. Over the years the historic tower was abandoned, and today its stands closed. Reviving the tower along with the neighborhood is a strong symbol of environmental renewal.


The new Water Tower complex will contain functions that serve will let it again serve the public. The ground floor will become a circular amphitheater for seating combined with a food market, stage performances, benches and grass. The tower will become a vertical garden, with panoramic views that become more enchanting at each level. Each level of the tower garden will contain a variety of elements: ornamental pools, grass, climbing equipment for children, bar tables and seating. The upper balcony floor of the tower will become a public-work space: 'THE HUB CAFE’. This rounded space will contain desktops in an open space, and meeting rooms with panoramic views. In addition, there will be have a green library that complements the rounded shape of the tower. 

Type  Water tower renewal \ PROPOSAL
Size 80sqm
Location Ajami TLV

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